[Verse 1]
Is this it? Are we finally falling?
We are young, a dissolving youth
I don’t mean to make you blush
But I just can’t hide the rush

Your sex is your throne
And we’re not supposed to live alone
Well I’m not yours to keep

(Come on, Fucking come on, Are you alive?)
We’ll never sleep, not until we die

But only God can forgive
I’m falling faster than you are
You are, you are, you are
Temptation, girl
Without an ending

Stop it, stop it, get
Stop it, stop it, stop, now get out
Stop it, stop it, get
Stop it, stop it

[Verse 2]
This is it
Pull the wool over my eyes
Oh, the sky, it is screaming red
Oh, your face was once so sweet
And now contorts between the sheets

You stood on my throat
How am I supposed to converse
With blood drawn lips



Leave it alone
We’ll come undone as the fire still burns
Please don’t let on
I don’t want this


Fightstar are a British rock band from London that formed in 2003. The band is composed of lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Charlie Simpson, guitarist and vocalist Alex Westaway, bassist Dan Haigh and drummer Omar Abidi. Generally considered a post-hardcore band, Fightstar are known to incorporate metal, alternative rock and other genres into their sound. During the band’s early days, they were viewed sceptically because of Simpson’s former pop career with Busted. Their live shows got a more positive reaction, and their 2005 debut EP, They Liked You Better When You Were Dead, was a critical success.

The band released their debut studio album, Grand Unification, the following year; Kerrang! editor Paul Brannigan called it “one of the best British rock albums of the last decade”.[1] Fightstar received a nomination for Best British Band at the 2006 Kerrang! Awards before releasing their second album, One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours, in 2007. A compilation album including B-sides and rarities, Alternate Endings, was released the following year. The band self-funded and co-produced their third album, Be Human (2009), which featured orchestral and choral elements. It was their highest-charting album, peaking at number 20 on the UK Albums Chart.

Fightstar went on hiatus in 2010, allowing its members to concentrate on other projects (including two folk-oriented solo records by Simpson), then reunited in 2014. The following year the band released their fourth studio album, Behind the Devil’s Back, which added electronic elements to their sound. All four studio albums have charted in the top 40 and received critical praise.[2]

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