(Quotable Lyrics)

We get higher to replace that
All the feedback and assumptions we don’t need that (right,right)
Ooo this little nigga is cool and beneficial,
We choose to blow the whistle when he see intelligence is valuable
And they gon’ listen….


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Madison native Trapo may be 18, but he puts in grown-ass work at the studio. Drawing comparisons to Chance The Rapper and Mick Jenkins, Trapo’s laid back flow sounds at home over this jazz-inspired beat. Saxophones and rhodes-style piano are the soundtrack, and this chilled out vibe gives both rappers ample space to showcase their lyrics and flow.

Chi-Town emcee Alex Wiley blesses the track with a verse, and as the song climaxes, trippy-ass vocal effects permeate the refrain – “I see colors when I blink.” Feels like leaving the jazz club after one too many.

Artist: Trapo
Track: Blink
Producer: Thelonious Martin

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