Like Arnold back in action
Sounds like I’m battle rapping
Not no Toronto raptor still my flows are so Jurassic
I’m an Atlanta Hawk boy
I grip the Mike Muscala rip that shit like panty hose I’m Danny Zuko’s leather jacket
I drive that Thunderbird on Halloween
Candy color coat I got that paint that shine like tangerines
Do this for my family team like Danny Tanner Uncle Jesse got 3 10’s inside my section grip 2 9’s so they protect me
Full house
I told my driver pull out
‘Cause she know if I stay inside then that’s a contract all out
Casino money all in
I spend that shit in one day
Then make it back in one show
Y’all call that shit an entree
I call that shit an hors d’oeuvre then stick my pinky in the air and sip Cristal for my thirst
I’m super slick with my words
They swooning
Boy I did stutter like Reuben
Just an American idol likes its 2004
A college drop out with new dangers tryna get an encore
Go kamikaze got ’em sweating in they suits for ya boy
I’m smoking purple haze just tryna be an urban legend tipping points of my confessions overnight celebs are not inside sessions
I look like Jesus Shuttlesworth in my huddles
We avoiding charges like euro-steps I boogie like Cousins
Throw it in the cart boy I been eating my Wheaties, killing
They in there coughing like they got emphysema, easy
Lines they punch and my speakers kick like Vegeta uh
How did they seed us
Think all y’all boys need leaders
While looking back to younger days I’m laughing how they’d treat us now they greet us always cheesing only after my achievements
Ain’t listen to the album still they gassing how it’s sequenced them boys smiling cheek to cheek they’d spread they ass to fucking meet us
Zetus lapetus
I feel like Proto Zoa
The future’s all I’m seeing now they taking photos of us
This isn’t freshman year this isn’t Matt with some shaggy hair and a bunch of unfinished work and raps in his bag and a chest that’s beating too hard ’cause he’s worried ’bout this and that
Friends been distancing back hear ’em talk ain’t dissing em back
Not thinking bout you and yours you and yours been thinking bout Matt I been thinking bout family matters and money issues and money misuse they can’t relate when I’m talking to ’em I’m 22 but my pockets thicker than all the kids who were summa cum laude in 20-12
That’s just the way it goes
I’m taking notes while y’all faking swagger with vacant flows
That shit be riding but what you saying it’s taking toll and bridges getting burnt by these struggle rappers who change to trolls
Y’all ain’t got shit to say
You always switching lanes in hopes that something sticks and you get rich and get that chick that you could never get before you sold your life away to taste the fame
Won’t fade to black but those connections start to fade to grey
You don’t know who to trust
Say they can’t fuck with us
But as the time goes on you ask yourself just who is us
I’m sipping sangria smoking trees on the balcony the cops knock on my door and they dap me up when they see it’s me
He’s the one with the freezing flow boy got no degrees so how I’m supposed to trust what they sing when they all got notaries
You never rapped that work and I ain’t either
But I’m real you out here selling different stories to the people like
Like why you hate yourself you gotta turn to someone different
I’m out here spitting facts and truth be told I see the distance seen the dudes who grilled me now say let’s work I see the vision
They all go missing I ain’t bugging when I say I’m tripping
I feel like Russell Crowe when walking through the coliseum this life or the next just make it’s soon enough for mah to see ’em
Blow up and glow up my flow up my foes up with an oh between it fuck you saying A-T-L I say it how I mean it

Artist: Matt Citron
Track: New Reign
Producer: Emani

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