Denzel Curry

Tune in to Denzel Curry’s irately succinct new track.

In the wake of prodding new music for a couple days, Denzel Curry has shared a substantial new track called “Hate Government.” Billed as a “demo,” the tune is under 2 minutes in length and opens with 30 seconds of mutilation and serenades of “U-L-T.” When Denzel enters, he takes the vitality up ten times, pronouncing he’s on his “Despise government poo” in a deft assault of a verse. “They wanna examine on my wrist/My entire life been at hazard,” he rehashes a few times.

On the Soundcloud page for “Loathe Government, the tune is portrayed as “[demo][one],” could this be the first in a progression of discharges from the Florida rapper?

Denzel discharged his Imperial mixtape last March, before putting an improved variant of the collection on gushing administrations in October. He as of late showed up in the video for “The Fusion,” his cooperation with Allan Kingdom.



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