Is YG’s “Pop It, Shake It” Video This Generation’s “Tip Drill?”


Everything comes down to the scandalous charge card swipe.

Not long ago, Twitter had a field day contrasting the vocations of Nelly and Drake. On the off chance that that discourse showed us anything, it’s that the era who experienced childhood with Country Grammar hold the enormously fruitful St Louis rapper’s standard in high respect. As we’ve educated with the arrival of YG’s fiercely express “Pop It, Shake It” today, that high gratefulness additionally stretches out to Nelly’s dubious BET Uncut video for “Tip Drill.”

YG’s video happens at a pool party in Miami loaded with ladies in different conditions of strip, and it in a flash took numerous watchers back to a period when Nelly stunned the world with a fundamentally the same as video for his 2003 single.

As indicated by Twitter, in any event today, “Tip Drill” has moved toward becoming something of a work of art. Many have refered to the similitudes between Nelly’s video and YG’s, and keeping in mind that some are prepared to call “Pop It” the “Tip Drill of this era,” others are more reluctant. One vast purpose of conflict in the verbal confrontation accompanied the notorious “charge card swipe” scene in “Tip Drill,” which is mysteriously absent in YG’s tribute (however fans came up with some fascinating thoughts regarding what that exchange would look like in 2017).

The “Tip Drill” video roused feedback for its generalization of Black ladies at the time. In 2004, a bone marrow drive sorted out by Nelly’s 4Sho4Kids Foundation set to happen at Spellman College in Atlanta was challenged by understudies. The school’s Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance named Nelly “Misanthrope Of The Month” for the video, and drive was at last drop by the establishment taking after the backfire. The drive was being held in help of Nelly’s sister, Jacqueline Donahue, who was experiencing leukemia.

The comparable externalization show in YG’s video may imply that he will likewise confront feedback. In the event that this is genuinely 2017’s “Tip Drill,” he assuredly will.


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