Surprise your mother with our Mother’s Day ranking of hip-hop’s best “Mama Songs” of all time.

It’s no secret that rappers love their mamas. Dedicating a song to one’s mother could be a classic hip-hop move, created painting by 2pac within the ‘90s Associate in Nursingd remaining a staple in an artist’s catalog to the present day.

The “Mama Song” could be a thanks to show a rapper’s roots and their rawest emotions, and build even the toughest gangsters relatable on a basic human level.

We’ve scrutinized each mother-loving hip-hop song out there to focus on the simplest of the simplest. place these on for mama on Sunday.

10. Jay Z — “December 4th” (2003)

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Jay gets props for giving his ma the foremost vocals in a very Mama Song ever. whereas a mother’s voice is usuallyenclosed as a voicemail in associate degree outro, Jay’s mother Gloria Carter gets to talk between every of the verses on “December fourth.” Carter offers her own perspective and voices her feelings as she tells USA however Ted Shawn was the sole one in every of her four kids United Nations agency didn’t offer her any pain once he was born, however she knew he was special, and once she bought him the boombox that modified his life. Jay has manydifferent songs targeted around his mama, as well as “I created It” (2006) and “Blueprint (Momma loves me)” (2001), although none as right away recognizable and notable as this Black Album standout. “December 4th” is nice, however ultimately loses points as a result of whereas his ma is actually terribly gift, the song is basically regarding Jay and his own accomplishments.

9. Rick Ross — “Smile Mama, Smile” ft. CeeLo Green (2015)

It’s a typical theme in Mama Songs for rappers to seek out themselves within the depths of their self-destruction and appearance to the purest person in their life, Mama, to require them off from the darkness. On this Jake One-produced effort from 2015’s Black Market, Ross raps concerning wakening from a 2011 seizure to check his mother smile and tell him to quit the lean, that he inevitably did in conjunction with shedding a hundred pounds. Ross then reflects on however his mother has been the sole one that was very there for him in his life, with particularly powerful lines like “Who very gonna be your shoulder once your kidneys gone?” He conjointly channels 2pac in job his mother a “black queen” with a nod to the legend’s “Dear Mama.”

CeeLo (in one in every of 2 appearances on this list) takes the song to a Mother’s Day mimosa level of sweetness together with his pleading hook and outro.

8. Chance The Rapper — “Hey Ma” (2012)

On the last track from Chance’s debut mixtape, 10 Day, the then-18-year-old finishes angrily rapping concerning obtaining suspended from faculty and threatening to stab folks with screwdrivers to form a sweet, relaxed Mama Song. He dedicates “Hey Ma” to all or any the mothers United Nations agency helped raise him in Chicago, as well as Ms. Brown and Ms. Pollock, the 2 ladies United Nations agency watched him once faculty and fed him chicken nuggets. are often} one among our earliest appearance into simply however amorous and positive likelihood can be. we have a tendency to see the same sentiment later in “Sunday Candy,” another unbelievable familial lyric for his grandma.

7. Drake — “Look What You’ve Done” (2011)

Drake is one among the most important mama’s boys within the game, however his Mama Songs aren’t all heat hugs and kisses. “Look What You’ve Done” is his tribute to Sandi Graham, in addition as his gran and uncle. Drake doesn’t simply describe his ups and downs along with his female parent as “I was dangerous however you really liked American state anyways and currently I should buy you a house.” He talks concerning however her poor health and his fame place intense stress on their relationship.

You can’t deny the facility in these lines:

“And your back hurt and your neck hurt / And you smoking serious / and that i sit next to you and that i lecture you / as a result of those {are|ar|area unit|square American stateasure} deadly / and so you ash it and that we argue / concerning hard currency on bullshit / And you tell me I’m similar to my father / My one button, you push it / currently it’s, “Fuck you, I hate you, i will move move into a heartbeat!” / and that i omit and you decisionAmerican state, you tell American state that you simply sorry / you’re keen on American state and that i love you.”

Drake is also one among the few rappers with a Mama Song like “Look What You’ve Done,” however he’s not alone. Eminem is clearly the primary rapper that involves mind after we suppose mummy problems, and Logic has conjointly rapped concerning however his mother obstructed him and known as him a n*gger as a baby. however Drake doesn’t got to rap concerning raping his female parent or telling her he’ll ne’er attend her ceremony for listeners to know that he and Sandi have a adoring, however difficult relationship. Before Drake’s rap career blew up, he featured the challenges of caring for Sandi whereas she fought (and still continues to fight) autoimmune disorder. Her poor smoking and outlay habits burning their arguments. Drake isn’t afraid to speak concerning however ugly those got, mentioning multiple times however his female parent has vulnerable and tried to run aloof from home. In the end, though, Sandi and Drake continually find yourself in every other’s arms..

6. Ghostface Killah — “All That I Got Is You” ft. Mary J. Blige (1996)

Ghostface was one in every of the primary rappers to form a earnest ballad for his mother—now much a necessity for each rapper—and have it become staggeringly well-liked. On “All That I Got Is You,” he spits regarding however onerous he had it growing up. The Wu-Tang emcee’s impoverishment was extreme, rapping “Seven o’clock, pluckin’ roaches out the box,” and describes having to raise his friends’ families for food mistreatment newspaper as tissue paper. rather than obtaining angry or upset that his mother couldn’t give additional for him, he hangs onto her love because the solely issue he’s ever had. The song encompasses a desperate lovingness thereto, which, once combined with RZA’s piano keys and mother J. Blige’s dateless hook—“All that I got is you / And I’m thus grateful  we tend to created it through”—make the song a classic.

5. Goodie Mob — “Guess Who” (1995)

Another OG Mama Song, Big Gipp, Khujo, T-Mo and CeeLo equally rap concerning having much nothing however their mothers growing up, however they spit a lot of more durable than Ghostface on “All That I Got is You.” The Atlanta cluster wasn’t making an attempt to pluck your love, they were simply telling you the stark reality of however they grew up. CeeLo has the standout verse, rapping concerning however a automotive accident left his mother paralytic and the way doctors thought she would possibly ne’er speak once more. The verse takes on even a lot of emotional weight since the album—the Mob’s acclaimed debut Soul Food—is dedicated to the memory of CeeLo’s mother, Sheila J. Tyler-Calloway.

Like Drake, they’ve all got mussy relationships with their moms—Khujo starts the song with the lines “You ’bout to form ME slam yo’ back clean out, however I luv her until death do US part”—but within the finish, United Nations agency was the sole one there for them? Mama.

4. Beanie Sigel — “Mom Praying” ft. Scarface (2001)

Sampling The Dramatics’ “It Ain’t Rainin’ (On Nobody’s House however Mine)” created this song infectious, however Scarface’s verse is debatably one among the foremost emotional of all time:

“I’m ne’er gon’ forget that, look in your eyes, after you told American state that my granddaddy died / it absolutely was like nothing had happened, and i am knowin that you just miss him / however to simply accept death, is simply the facet of a decent Christian.”

Scarface involves settle for death as a vicinity of life and grapples with basic cognitive process in God. He involves perceive the intense loneliness of loss: “Cuz i am knowin i can not create it alone / You told American state to not purchase you a replacement house as a result of in Heaven’s your home.” Him returning to grips along with her insistence that there is no sense in him shopping for her a replacement home (“And as hurt as i used to be, I had to smile witcha”) is heartrending.

For Beanie, the song may be a testament to however way he’d attend shield his mother and grandma, and simply what quantity he adores them. He’s still the Broad Street Bully—he’ll virtually behead anyone UN agency threatens to harm the 2 most significant girls in his life—but additional significantly he is a crazy son and grandchild, within the same verse rapping “What am i able to do however bow down and provides offerings / For the girl with the softest skin / Keep picturin’ Grams tuckin’ American state in.”

While many rappers have lined the unhappiness of losing their mothers, none have reached the heartache Nas injects into the seize on “Dance”: “Praying, want that I may have / an additional dance with you, mama / If I may solely have…” Over the assembly work of Chucky Thompson, Nas’ winds down the top of each chorus, permitting listeners to feel the heart-wrenching regret of ne’er having the ability to ascertain the one who wanted you most.

Only months before the discharge of God’s Son, Nas’ mother passed away—in his arms—after a three-year battle with carcinoma. you’ll be able to hear the desperation as he voices the actual fact that he misses her additional with ever second he breathes which he’d surrender his life simply to ascertain her an additional time. Yet, “Dance” has Associate in Nursing upbeat tone. you’re feeling Nas’ unhappiness, however you furthermore may feel what quantity love he had for his mother in lines like “A blessing to Maine, I see you wearing all white / Smiling at Maine, happy knowing everything’s okay.”

2. 2Pac — “Dear Mama”

The most painting Mama Song of all time. In 1971, Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur diagrammatical herself unproved throughout her entire pregnancy—facing a 300-year jail sentence for accusations regarding her participation within the Black Panthers. A month once she was not guilty, Tupac was born. Lines like “And when a crack fiend, Mama / you mostly was a black queen, Mama” and “There’s no means I pays you back, however my arrange / Is to indicate you that I understand; you’re appreciated” created “Dear Mama” the instance Mama Song and one among the foremost lovely rap songs ever. Afeni Shakur was the Queen of all rap mamas, and her son’s record is that the third hip-hop song ever to be chosen for preservation within the Library of Congress.

Now, keep those Twitter fingers by your aspect regarding “Dear Mama” not being darling…

1. Kanye West – “Hey Mama” (2008 GRAMMY Remix)

The original album version of “Hey Mama” that Kanye placed on Late Registration in 2005 would have created this list somewhere within the middle. once Kanye premiered the song ahead of his mummy on Oprah it had been cute. Show attendees were packed with smiles. Oprah clapped in conjunction with the group as Donda West beamed, look her son sing to him.

When Donda passed on to the great beyond suddenly in 2007, the loss modified Kanye forever.

Following her death was once his real psychological state struggles began, and once his music became a call for facilitate. per week when the death of his mother, Kanye tried to perform “Hey Mama” in Paris, however skint down in tears and quickly all over the concert, despite encouragement from the group. Parisian journalist Meddy Magloire recalled, “He unbroken shouting bent the audience, ’I want you … i want you immediately.’”

Just 3 months later, Kanye took the stage at the 2008 GRAMMYs and turned “Hey Mama” into one among the foremost powerful hip-hop performances of all time. He more verses and strings within the background, shakily singing, “Last night I saw you in my dreams / currently i am unable to wait to travel to sleep … This life, this here, this Grammys, all of this is often all a dream/ My reality, it starts once I visit sleep.” the facility and tremor in his voice reworked original lines, “As we have a tendency to knelt on the room floor / I aforementioned ma I’ma love you until you do not hurt no a lot of,” from a cute, joyous lyric poem to his mother to a chill-inducing expertise.

I cry every almost time. @vinrox10

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