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Tune in to the third discharge from Travis Scott today called “A Man.”

Discharging three melodies on the double or a scaled down EP has been a typical pattern in the music amusement up to this point in 2017. We’ve seen Nicki Minaj drop off her Paris three pack several months back, Meek Mill discharged his Meekend Music EP fourteen days prior, and even Bryson Tiller got in with the general mish-mash a week ago when he made an unexpected come back with three new tunes of his own also.

Well hoping to join that rundown on Monday night was Houston rapper Travis Scott, who discharged 3 new tunes of his own on his soundcloud page called “Green and Purple,” “Butterfly Effect” and “A Man,” the last of which we’re highlighting for y’all appropriate here.

Take a tune in and let us know which of the three new melodies is your top pick?

Quotable Lyrics:

I can’t rock Benz, I don’t do peace (yeah!)
I’ll beast, I’ll beast, I gotta eat (it’s lit!)
Sabertooth tiger, diamond two-teeth (straight up!)
Rocking right now won’t you come peek (alright!)
P was outside, P was outside (P!)
The way that ass shake, leave your mouth wide
You need to say grace ‘fore you say thanks (yeah!)
A man, man, man (yeah!)

Listen To The Track On Soundcloud.


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