Wifisfuneral and Smokepurrp collaborate for the new collab “Run It Up.”

Now that he’s done eating his lean-imbued waffles, rising Florida rapper Wifisfuneral is prepared to return to the music. Today, the South Florida rapper chooses to come through and interface up with kindred Alamo Records labelmate Smokepurpp for another melody called “Run It Up.”

“Making ‘Run It Up’ was a simple, natural process,” Wifi says in regards to the tune. “Cris Dinero played the beat and I just began freestyling. I needed to get somebody on the second verse, and my sibling Smokepurrp simply appeared well and good.”

Tune in as the two Florida rappers flex and trick about their freshly discovered accomplishment over this bouncy creation from Cris Dinero. Considerations?

Quotable Lyrics:

Man I think its safe to say that I’m the shit
Lil bitch suck dick, I got about 12 bricks on my wrist (shit)
Man Im still spending independent money I don’t give no fuck about a bitch
Come get this, I’m drunk off champagne diamonds glistening

Listen To The Track On Soundcloud.


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