Emilio Rojas –

Nights Like This


Emilio Rojas has 99 problems, and a bitch is one.



Emilio Rojas dropped a new track called “Night Like This,” an ode to a forbidden love affair. After all, aren’t those always the best kind? Rojas takes to a tense, synth driven beat with a smooth flow, addressing the mental state of an anonymous woman. The track navigates the dangerous relationship between good sex and dependency, which eventually leads to some level of mind-gaming.

The chorus is a highlight, especially when the pleasantly weird beat drops, and Rojas’ voice sounds nice over the instrumentation. While the subject matter is tried and true, the track remains an enjoyable listen.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m dealin’ with women tryin’ to forget us
But we break up and fuck like it’s a fetish
My girl findin’ hairs, with me lyin’ there
And she start cryin’ cause she ain’t tryin’ to share




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