Ridin in the hooptie, pull up in that minivan

We be catching groupies, everyday I’m counting fans

Pull up with no hands, she be loving how I dance

Ballin on a budget, I be Popular Demand

Popular demand, homie, popular demand

Ballin on a budge, but I’m popular demand

Popular demand, homie, popular demand

Ballin on a budge, I be popular demand
[Verse 1]

Six to the one-three, bad bitch in the front seat

Come through when I’m done me

Do you when im hungry, gold jewels and a blank tee


Can’t hang with us, wolfpack in the booth and we dangerous

Paint it up,hang it up

Air it out, put it on, where it out

Wo-wo-wolfie come through and they staring now

Movie-scene boy I be Paramount

Tear it down, then put a nigga that she care about

In the ground, in the clouds

They be askin for his wearabouts

Take a breathe, spread em out

Man I wouldn’t you wearing out

Hope that you’re the one that I’m sparing now

Got me feeling like the mayor now

My phone is buzzin that percussion when im on the move

Another subject it ain’t nothing ain’t fun to you

Kick back, no nunchucks

Fuck a cuff, do what I want to do

Hate to be the topic of discussion, I’m the connoisseur

I make the rules, break the rules, make no mistakes the rule

Set and follow, boy you didn’t get the motto

Guess you hollow, floating in the depths of Pollo

Ahh, ridin with my team I feel like im the man

Back up in this party Popular Demand


And they know

When I step up into the spot

Silence, I just make the crowd stop

Real shit and they know

Don’t give a damn who you be

I be flexin my nigga, young wolfie

That’s right and they know

The kid’s coming with the heat

Keep doing you and Imma do me

That’s right and they know

That shit’s so fire when I speak

They tune in, and I ain’t talkin tv
[Verse 2]

Do this all day

You niggas act up like Broadway

Then I’m insure you niggas fall way

Way way back, my nigga Allstate

I talk way too much, but my shit’s backed up

My nigga hallway

I’m priority always

Cause I cook up, my nigga saute

You all say

(girls) “Wolfie, wolfie, wolfie he’s so Godly”

JK, I’m fakin

That shit would make my day

For some reason they want me around

Like my nigga concave

Shits messed up, but imma keep making moves

Son i’ve had a long

Young nigga, i be cruisin backseat speaking blasphemy

My demand is high, I just ask clubs and they will blast for me

Look, I be popular, nocular, dense like a hoculer

You watching her, binoculars

You’re stalking her, watching her

Man I ain’t got no time for her


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