About Us

TitanLyrics.com is a site run by Two people who have dedicated their time to sharing lyrics and music with the internet.TitanLyrics.com was launched on April 03 of 2017 and is currently over 100+ posts.We are currently not running ads on our site as it may ruin your experience as our website slogan is of course “simple & clean.”

If we ever start running ads on our site we would have to be gaining a high amount of visitors and we will do our best to keep the site user friendly and we promise to do the best to not spam you with unfriendly ads.

We are currently expanding our site to facebook,Youtube and Twitter.So Stay Tuned if you are interested.We will also be installing a feature for visitors to be able to submit their unique Articles for $$$.The users with the most unique articles posted will be paid by paypal instantly at the end of the month up to an amount of $10 depending how much articles they submitted that month.It will be in a format of a LEADERBOARD,if your excited follow my website!

Last Edited:April 6,2017.